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Highly Atonal or DissonantChamber Music
Summit Records Record Label - Summit Records: "Providing quality, world-class musicians a platform to get their music to the public and be treated fairly in the process."
Release date: 2013-01-08


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Three Views: Music for trombone, piano & percussion / Mark Hetzler


Unique instrumental combinations, multicultural influences and top-notch performances make Three Views an easy pickup for anyone with an exploratory musical palate. What drew me to this album first was Mark Hetzler’s name. As a member of the Empire Brass for 18 years with an impressive resume of performances with esteemed orchestras, I was confident that Hetzler would not afford a disappointing performance. I couldn’t have been more right.

Six contemporary composers are represented on the album, including Mark Hetzler himself. Though trombone, piano and percussion might strike you as an unusual trio, they are combined here in striking effectivity. Inspiration for this album came from the potential Hetzler saw for this type of ensemble after performing the first two works on the recording - Rebellion and Inner Rebellion by Stephen Rush.

The music is as unusual as it is beautiful and colorful, always holding me in rapture through its twists and turns before arriving at a completely new and welcomed destination. From earthly to ethereal, tribal to tranquil, and evoking dance to awe-struck stasis, the music in Three Views transports the listener on a musical-emotional journey of discovery, imagination and adventure. It is a recording that repays repeat visits like a great trip that leaves you itching to go back.