Baroque Bohemia & Beyond, Vol. 7 'Winter Season' - works by Kuchar, Stamic, Hatas, Seger, Linek, Weissmann, Corrette Nov02

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Musical Concepts Alto Record Label – Musical Concepts: “Since 2006, Musical Concepts has brought the best in classical music, on its budget Alto label as well as more specialized recordings under the Musical Concepts imprint."
Release Date: 2014-02-04


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Baroque Bohemia & Beyond, Vol. 7 ‘Winter Season’ / Czech Chamber Philharmonic, Vojtěch Spurný


The latest release from Musical Concepts in their ongoing Baroque Bohemia & Beyond series, this seventh installment is subtitled "winter season", and is comprised of delightful music by Czech composers active in the early decades of the Classical era. The music is largely by unfamiliar composers, some of the better known being Michel Corrette, Jan Krtitel Kuchar and Antonio Rosetti. Performances are by the Czech Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra, a modern-instrument ensemble under the direction of Vojtěch Spurný.

In 1770, a time around which this music was written, Haydn was 38 years old and Mozart was 14. Most of the composers whose music appears here eventually made their way to the European music centers of Vienna, Berlin and Paris, and were highly respected in those cities. With them they brought a sound with a unique pastoral quality endemic to Bohemian regions. There resulted a lasting mutual influence, not only throughout the Classical era, but well beyond - would the music of Dvořák, for example, have been possible without the spirit of what we hear here combined with the formal structures and theoretical practices of Viennese classicism?

There are ten tracks all together, three of which are solo organ pieces. Lighthearted, tuneful and colorful, the program remains fresh from beginning to end. This is due not only to the diversity you'd expect in a program coming from nine little-known composers, but also to the three brief organ interludes and the colorful scoring and festive nature of the music. There are two album samples in the sidebar video. The first is one of the organ interludes, Fugue 'de tempore natalis' by Josef Seger and the second is by the best-known composer on the album, Sinfonia Pastoralis by Antonion Rosetti.

It's all lighter fare, rustic , fun to listen to and very well played by a distinguished orchestra steeped in a tradition of performing this music. In addition, as these are practically all first recordings, you very likely do not yet have any of it on your shelves. A price under ten bucks cinches the deal.

Baroque Bohemia & Beyond, Vol. 7: 'Winter Season' / Czech Chamber PO; Spurný