Paolo Fresu Devil Quartet/Paolo Fresu: Desertico

If there’s one reason to explore this album it’s Paolo Fresu’s tone which resonates with Miles Davis’ aching sound. On his new album Desertico, Fresu manages to express melancholy without hopelessness, especially on the ballads, painting whimsical water colors with a gentle brush – his flugelhorn or trumpet.

Paolo Fresu isn’t the only enormous talent on the album. The tunes on Desertico would not be so artistic and storytelling in nature without the empathic musical unity of the Devil Quartet, made up of Bebo Ferra (guitar), Dalla Porta (bass) and Stefano Bagnoli (drums). Their harmonies are brilliant and their musical arcs create beautiful environments for sensual solo performances to blossom. And the solo instrument isn’t always Fresu. Guitarist Bebo Ferra can really shred on both electric and acoustic guitar, and bassist Dalla Porta is given ample space to express himself. The title track “Desertico” begins with a bass-only introduction before settling into a sneaking bass and drum ostinato line on which Fresu and Bebo dance joyfully.

On the whole, the album sounds both natural and surreal, almost dreamlike, and each track bursts with personality. The Devil Quartet’s soundscapes always enchant and transport the listener; it’s a magnificent musical journey. Take a dive into the samples provided on this page to see what that journey means for you.

Album Overview

On Desertico, renowned jazz trumpeter Paolo Fresu is joined by his close friends Bebo Ferra (guitar), Dalla Porta (bass) and Stefano Bagnoli (drums). Paolo Fresu also takes up the flugelhorn and electronic equipment, giving this album an even more textured and rounded feel. Fresu’s natural rhythm and personality and complimented perfectly by the group’s incredible sense of musical unity.


01. [I Can’t Get No] Satisfaction
02. La Follia Italianar
03. Ambre
04. All Items
05. Blame It On My Youth
06. Desertico
07. Suite for the Devil
08. Poetto’s Sky
09. Voci Oltre
10. Young Forever
11. Medley A: Ninna Nanna Per Andre
12. Medley B: Inno Alla Vita.


Paolo Fresu – trumpet, flugelhorn, multi effects

Award winner, internationally acclaimed Sardinian trumpet player Paolo Fresu has performed around the world over the past 30 years. Fresu is also professor and artistic director of internationally renowned jazz festivals such as Time in Jazz and Nuoro Jazz. He is involved in the production of numerous multimedia projects, cooperating with actors, dancers, painters, sculptors, and poets, as well as writing music for film, documentary, video, ballet, and theater pieces.

Bebo Ferra – electric and acoustic guitars

Paolino Dalla Porta – contrabass

Stefano Bagnoli – drums

Widely known in Italy as a master of jazz drumming, Stefano “Brushman” Bagnoli is a real specialist in the use of brushes. Since 1978 he has had a remarkable career with many leading Italian and international jazzmen. Thanks to his collaboration (1982/85) with the G. Verdi Symphony Orchestra of Milano, Stefano developed a considerable instrumental skill, that has anchored his large body of professional work as a drummer.


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