CPR Electrio / Ondřej Pivec, Karel Ruzicka, Russell Carter

A high-energy jazz fusion album you can dance to, CPR Electrio’s self titled album is above all a joint demonstration of their dynamism and sheer joy of playing. CPR Electrio perform groovy music blending dance influences, R&B;, and funk with a scope for solo improvisations circumscribed by melodic, tonal jazz. This trio is the life of the party!

Russell Carter, Ondřej Pivec and Karel Ruzicka are three friends from New York City who make up CPR Electrio. Though they have been playing together for years all over NYC, this is their first studio recording. The trio raised over $2,600 via an Indiegogo Campaign for the production of this CD in order to reach their goal: “to create some exciting, genre-bending music, with three people from diverse cultures, play most of it live with minimal post-production and record it in one day.“

Exploring yet undiscovered musical paths comes naturally to CPR Electrio, having three people from diverse cultures with various musical styles in their arsenal. Additionally, each player has accoustic (B-3 organ, fender piano, saxophones and drums) and electric (synths, EWI, drum pads) instruments at their disposal. “Because our group’s setup includes both acoustic and electronic instruments,” they write, “everybody in the group performs a “double-duty” which makes the trio sound like a much bigger band. People are often surprised there is no bass player, pre-recorded loops, percussionist or additional keyboardist.“

After a funky “Intro”, the album kicks off with “Land of Malbec”, a latin themed, dance-influenced number. The album carries this danceable style into groovy “Ray’s Praise”. After a few more tracks of brilliant high-energy jazz playing, the group settles down for some soulful music in “Time for Love”, before picking up the groove again in “Village Funk”. Drummer Russell Carter is given ample space on “Vivid Illusions” for a captivating solo on his set, leading us to one more soulful penultimate before the last number, “I Hear Music”. Here they bring in singer Jazzmeia Horn whose gorgeous tone and scat singing are welcome additions to the album.

Czech jazz label Animal Music has put out yet another golden album – the fourth I’ve recommended on Expedition Audio. If you like CPR Electrio’s esprit de musique , this purchase is a no-brainer.

Album Overview

CPR ELECTRIO is made of two Czech musicians living in NYC – Ondřej Pivec and Karel Ruzicka ml. – and their NYC based band mate – drummer Russell Carter. The Trio plays with masterful energy the music that mixes influence by dance music, r´n´b and funk music; musicians alternate acoustic (B-3 organ, fender piano, saxophones and drums) eith electric instruments (synths, EWI, drum pads). Dance music played by hands that brings joy and life energy.


Ondřej Pivec – rhodes, B3, key-bass, synths & programming

Ondřej Pivec was born March 4th, 1984 in Brno, Czech Republic. He started playing music at the age of 3 as a classical pianist, but soon turned to jazz and began to play the Hammond organ in his teens. Ondřej has taken lessons from well respected organists in Europe (Mike Carr and Alberto Marsico) and US (Joey DeFrancesco, Sam Yahel, Pat Bianchi and Pastor Tyrone Holmes).

Karel Ruzicka – tenor & soprano saxophones, EWI

Award winning saxophonist, composer and producer Karel Ruzicka Jr. has a way to captivate the audience in practically any musical context. It was already evident back in 1992 when his group “The Four” was awarded the first prize at the International Jazz Festival in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic in 1992.


Russell Carter – drums & SPDS pads


Ken Wallace – percussion and programming

Jazzmeia Horn – vocal (track 10)


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