Belmondo Family Sextet: Mediterranean Sound

Mediterranean Sound is a beautiful family affair! Father Yvan Belmondo and his two sons Stéphane and Lionel take inspiration from “returning home” – both physically and musically – to celebrate the jazz they love above all. Backed by the trio of Jean-Philippe Sempere (guitar), Sylvain Romano (bass) and Jean-Pierre Arnaud (drums), the Belmondo Family Sextet is an immersive project that proceeds with happiness and fellowship from the very first bars of “Alone Together”.

The Belmondo family gathered to record Mediterranean Sound at the School of Music in Solliès-Toucas where the Belmondo brothers studied and since became stars of French jazz. But their father, Yvan (baritone sax), is still the maestro of this album. The themes, all chosen by Yvan and arranged by Lionel (“Lovers of Their Time”, “Lyne for Lyons”, “Skylark “, ” Tangerine “, “Flamingo “, “Groovin ‘Higher ‘, …), are classic gems from Pepper Adams, Gerry Mulligan, Hoagy Carmichael, and many others. Lionel’s arrangements allow everyone’s soloing to be heard in exceptional conditions, and one can truly feel the pleasure these artists take in playing together. Yvan’s baritone playing has a firmness that does not exclude a refined sense of swing and sometimes surprising sweetness. Sempere’s guitar playing is inventive and tender, the rhythm section is alert, resourceful and efficient, and the Belmondo brothers play to their superb repute.

Mediterranean Sound is the mature fruit of lifelong passion. It captures the timeless aesthetic of a jazz atmosphere falsely outdated and relegated to history. Mediterranean Sound is the Belmondo family’s invitation to participate in this great celebration of jazz and I encourage you to join them.

Album Overview

Mediterranean Sound marks brothers Lionel and Stéphane Belmondo’s musical reunion as they pay a vibrant tribute to their father Yvan, who passed down to them his deep love and knowledge of jazz. Joining forces on an album for the first time, the three Belmondos are backed by guitarist Jean-Philippe Sempere, double-bass player Sylvain Romano and drummer Jean-Pierre Arnaud. Blending a wide range of influences including modern jazz, hard bop West-Coast styles, the Belmondo brothers swing with panache and delight.


Yvan Belmondo (baritone sax), Stephane Belmondo (trumpet), and Lionel Belmondo (tenor sax)

Jean-Philippe Sempere, Guitar

Sylvian Romano, bass

Jean-Pierre Arnaud, drums


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